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The Calendar of Generic Estate Agents’​ Excuses

Being part of a new company, I am forced to work hard for my property listings; completely understandable as we work and live in a reputation-based society and it’s our job to ensure that clients see how we differ from other companies. This means that a large percentage of the properties I market have already […]

Do your clients instruct YOU or your Company?

If you’ve pressed on this article, like myself, you think you’re the best at what you do. You’re the business winner, the ‘lister’, the person responsible for ensuring that you and your company are the obvious choice in your patch. You know your competition’s strengths, weaknesses and costs; you know your market inside out and […]

A guide for First Time Buyers

The decision has been made to buy your first home. A wide blend of emotions, of which nerves and excitement are likely the most prominent. In most cases, this is the largest financial commitment that you’ll make – borrowing huge sums of money and signing contracts to confirm that you’re happy to pay the debt […]

The Over Valuing Estate Agent

Ask anyone who has ever worked in Estate Agency what the most frustrating elements of the industry are. Aside from the unavoidable – ‘clients not turning up for viewings’, ‘clients who claim to be cash buyers applying for a mortgage’ – outside of these, you won’t be waiting long before their mind begins to focus […]

NEXA vs Standard Estate Agents

You’ve heard it all before. ‘We’re different’, ‘We’re better than our competition’, ‘We offer the best service.’ Invariably, these are nothing more than just sub-standard introduction tag-lines that sound no better than the mediocre service you are likely to receive after instructing them to work on your behalf. This could be within any sector, but […]

Happy Clients Making Me Rich

A very pretentious title. Eradicate the supercilious attitude that you assume will follow, and you realise that this heading is the intention of every new company that starts within any sector focused on customer-service. The most important part of any new business is ensuring that clients are content with the service delivered so that, not […]

Student accommodation: Why choose NEXA?

As a recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, I have experienced first-hand how scary it can be moving to a new city and surroundings to study. Finding a homely environment that is comfortable for both everyday living and studying can be tricky and trusting an agency to find the right accommodation for you is […]

How long could you finance your BTL if your tenants stopped paying?

With figures coming out over the weekend of the average time it takes to regain possession of property through a court order, is it any wonder we have such a low buy to let market with article after article of how landlords are losing out? The differences vary region by region, with the current average […]

Budget 2018: How will it affect the sales and rental market?

Earlier this week Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the budget, the final before the UK will leave the EU. How will it affect buying/selling and renting going forward over the next 12 months? All first time buyers who are buying shared equity homes up to £500,000 are now exempt from stamp duty. This is a large […]

Why are you making excuses for your agent?

That old familiar question I ponder to myself with so many clients – Why are you making excuses for your agent? For anyone who knows me, it’s not very often I am left speechless, however on a few occasions recently, I am left perplexed with the situation in front of me. With my position at […]

Leveraging your capital

The famous phrase “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” is ever popular during life but not with many once investing in property. I often put my head in my hands with clients who wish to make the highest annual income but decides to buy outright in cash and not leverage their capital […]

Void Periods: What does that mean for you?

If you purchase a property for £300,000 and its received a monthly rent of £3000 you are yielding 12% and this would take approximately 8.3 years to recoup the purchase price. With the same purchase price, the same rent but a month void period between tenancies once a year this starts to look different. Your […]

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