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The importance of choosing the right solicitor

The importance of choosing the right solicitor

When you agree to sell your home to a prospective purchaser, you must choose a solicitor to handle the legal process on your behalf and this in itself can be a minefield of not only people but information and legal jargon and unless you have sold recently or are recommended a solicitor, you’re on your own.

I understand that the options available are huge and more and more so I am seeing it come down to the matter of price but consider this as it is typically a more frequent example in yearly life; When going on holiday you also have a choice and this is which travel company you will use to get you from A to B, for example this could be ATAC Airlines or Emirates and sure both will get you to the same destination but that’s where the similarities end. With Emirates they pride themselves on a stress free, luxury journey providing you with a smooth and pleasant experience and if you have any concerns which are raised they are rectified within moments of the stewards attention – Brilliant. However, on the other side of the fence you have a rickety aircraft with disembarking passengers mumbling of the poor service, low standards and countless issues throughout the journey but they had been promised a cheap service or to have any competitors quote beaten and whilst this can sound attractive it is usually a sign of things to come. I personally have built up a relationship with local solicitors who I engage with as people giving a service to our community and my clients, not a machine which is where I find they can become disinterested in your calls and it can make the process more painful due to a lack of communication or unclear updates, this can be particularly devastating for the first time buyer or the seller who hasn’t moved in 20 years.


All of the team at NEXA have years of experience in the field of both sales and lettings and have built up, over long periods of time, a respectful relationship with solicitors who we would not hesitate to recommend to our clients and in my opinion this is priceless to our company and future business.


*ATAC Airlines do not exist and the name has been altered to protect the true identity of the airline.

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