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The architectural beauty of where you live in Bristol

Like every town across the country, Bristol is an insight into how the area has evolved over time.  Every street, whether filled with period properties or contemporary homes, tells a story.  You may be the first owner of your property, or one of many who have made your house a home.  Driven by our needs […]

How to add long-term value to your Portsmouth property

In Portsmouth we have certainly been busy with new properties coming onto the market and buyers eager to view. Lockdown has meant we have spent many an hour at home and, as such, you could have been contemplating what improvements you could make. If you think you may sell your home in the future, at NEXA we […]

What’s happening with the buy-to-let market in Portsmouth?

What’s happening with the buy-to-let market in Portsmouth? …. and should Portsmouth landlords & Portsmouth homeowners be worried?   In 2019, the private rented sector accounted for just over four and a half million households or 19.9% of UK households, no change from the year before. Interesting, when compared to the proportion of private rented […]

8.4% of Bristol Workers Worked From Home Before Covid-19 – Wonder How Many More Do Now?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, 22,309 Bristol people worked mainly from home, or about 8.4% of Bristol’s 265,374 workforce (compared to the national average of 14.9%). Yet over the last few weeks, many hundreds, even thousands more Bristol workers have joined them in their spare rooms or at their kitchen or dining room tables. Amongst […]

How we are adapting our estate agency NEXA Portsmouth to stay open

How we are adapting our estate agency NEXA Portsmouth to stay open A week of progressive announcements from the Government started to change how we ran our business, and then, with the announcement of a ‘lockdown’, traditional estate agency changed overnight.  Our branch in Portsmouth has had to close, yet that doesn’t mean we are […]

Mistakes you can make as a first-time renter and how to avoid them

The time has come and you’re finally planning to rent a property for the first time, excited you can make decisions that may not prove beneficial in the long run.  When looking for your first property in Bristol it’s easy to make rookie mistakes, and we want you first home to be memorable for the […]

Get Ready To Buy

You’ve been putting what you can in savings for what feels like forever but suddenly it becomes a reality and owning your first home is just around the corner, but what can you do to make the final steps of the journey as easy as possible? I’ve compiled a short list of things you can […]

The £8.5 billion mortgage debt of Bristol homeowners

Irrespective of the shenanigans and political goings on in Westminster recently, the housing market (for the time being anyway) shows a striking resilience, fostered by the on-going wide-ranging monetary policy by the Bank of England. With interest rates and unemployment low, UKplc is heading into 2020 in reasonable condition.  Additionally, despite the UK’s new homes industry improving […]

204,727 People Live in Rented Accommodation in Bristol

That number surprised you didn’t it? With the General Election done, I thought it time to reflect on renting in the manifestos and party-political broadcasts and ask why? As the best way to tell the future is to look at to the past, so we decided to look at the number of people who rented […]

Bristol Buy to Let – Past, Present and Future

Investing in a Bristol buy to let property has become a very different sport over the last few years. In the glory days of the five years after the turn of the Millennium, where we had double-digit house price growth, mortgage companies (notably Northern Rock, HBOS and their ilk) desperate to get on the buy to let mortgage […]


Welcome to the October market report, where we cover the following topics. Are Bristol Builder’s Constructing the Wrong Type of Property? The British housing market has never been so newsworthy. Every other day, there is an article in the newspaper or online about impending house price drops, house price rises, building on green belt, mortgage […]


As with everything in life, things change. They progress, develop, pivot and streamline. All in the name of greater efficiency. Industries have an obligation to lead the charge in this respect and the world is now full of companies striving to provide frictionless choice to its consumers. Why then, has the listing portal model remained […]

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