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NEXA vs Standard Estate Agents

You’ve heard it all before. ‘We’re different’, ‘We’re better than our competition’, ‘We offer the best service.’ Invariably, these are nothing more than just sub-standard introduction tag-lines that sound no better than the mediocre service you are likely to receive after instructing them to work on your behalf. This could be within any sector, but my focus lies with the service provided to clients within the property investment/estate agency industry.

The most subtle difference between the standard model and the NEXA model is the pronoun used in the claims. In the standard model, ‘we can help’, ‘we are the best’ – it is likely that separate individuals would be responsible for each separate element – the initial valuation, the listing, the viewing process and the progression of the sale to completion. Four people, all of whom will have no prior knowledge of you or your property. At NEXA, when instructing me to assist with your property endeavours, you are instructing only me. This gives me complete control over your requirements and allows me to make fine adjustments as and when necessary to ensure your expectations are either met or exceeded.

As everything I am instructed to work with at NEXA is directly attached to both my reputation and my income, it is essential that I focus every effort on highlighting potential areas of concern before they arise. The first stage of the process if providing an accurate valuation – I have written a separate blog on the detrimental effect on the market caused by the ‘Over-Valuing’ agent. It is essential that the initial asking price correctly reflects the property, otherwise there’s a risk of selling the property for less than could have been achieved, or worse, the property stagnating and receiving less than the required amount of interest to secure a sale.

Another blog I have written references being a ‘24/7 agent.’ I am quite literally open all hours. If an enquiry comes in at any time of day, it will be responded to, even if just a quick response attaching the property brochure and requesting availability for viewings. Myself and NEXA are not here to work an eight hour day, then ignore any incoming emails until 9am the next day – we’re here to provide an impeccable service, and that continues well outside of office opening hours. This is the only way to be sure that the properties I am working on are marketed to the best of their ability. Recently, a property enquiry was sent in to the company from a client living abroad at 11pm; by 12.15am, all questions regarding the property had been responded to and the new tenant’s holding deposit was received with a scanned copy of a signed agreement. This would not have happened if that property was marketed with anyone other than NEXA.

I would be lying if I claimed that I sold every property that I listed within the first week of marketing – a claim that you’re likely to hear elsewhere. It is essential that timescale expectations are managed; there is a lot of uncertainty in the air surrounding the UK property market and it’s causing a noticeable amount of hesitancy for both sellers and purchasers. Fortunately, our exemplary service doesn’t stop at simply providing attractive marketing material. If the property isn’t getting the interest it needs, we are looking into reasons why; providing you with regular marketing reports highlighting the number of enquiries, the potential issues and the suggested solutions to prevent the process becoming stagnant. Honest viewing feedback rather than diluted excuses as to why a deal couldn’t be closed; genuine suggestions instead of giving you no alternative but to reduce your asking price.

This unique process is something that we have labelled One Agent: One Solution. In essence, everybody at NEXA is so devoted to providing the perfect service that market domination is imminent.

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