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Portsmouth Homebuyers & Landlords Set to Save £2,011,880 in Stamp Duty Over Next Nine Months

The British are infatuated with owning their own property and politicians know that. Margaret Thatcher used it as a vote winner in 1979 when she allowed council house tenants to buy their own home. Coming to the present day, Boris Johnson’s Conservative government have anxieties that the Brits have not been buying nearly enough homes […]

How to add long-term value to your Portsmouth property

In Portsmouth we have certainly been busy with new properties coming onto the market and buyers eager to view. Lockdown has meant we have spent many an hour at home and, as such, you could have been contemplating what improvements you could make. If you think you may sell your home in the future, at NEXA we […]

Buy to Let Landlords and The Housing Crisis

Isn’t it funny that nobody boasts they are a buy to let landlord anymore? Roll the clock back to the early millennium and you couldn’t go to the local golf club or shop at a Waitrose without someone dropping buy to let into the conversation as easily and as often as the weather.   If […]

7.4% of Portsmouth Workers Worked from Home Before Covid-19 – Wonder How Many More do Now?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, 8,401 Portsmouth people worked mainly from home, or about 7.4% of Portsmouth’s 113,075 workforce (compared to the national average of 14.9%). Yet over the last few weeks many thousands more Portsmouth workers have joined them in their spare rooms or at their kitchen or dining room tables. Amongst warnings from […]

New Electrical Safety Regulations could cost each Portsmouth Landlord £350+ in the next 13 months

Portsmouth Electricians are going to very busy in the next 13 months as they will have to test the electrics of every private rented property in Portsmouth and potentially may have to install new fuse boards and wiring in some circumstances. New regulations set out in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 gave the Secretary […]

How we are adapting our estate agency NEXA Portsmouth to stay open

How we are adapting our estate agency NEXA Portsmouth to stay open A week of progressive announcements from the Government started to change how we ran our business, and then, with the announcement of a ‘lockdown’, traditional estate agency changed overnight.  Our branch in Portsmouth has had to close, yet that doesn’t mean we are […]


Welcome to the February market report, where we cover the following topics. Portsmouth Homeowners £1,047,060,300 Windfall Since 2014 In the latest, and most recently published, set of UK mortgage data (for the month of November 2019) 18,470 pound-for-pound re-mortgages were made (i.e. the borrower went from one rate to another with no additional borrowing). Looking […]

A decade in the Portsmouth property market

What has happened to the local Portsmouth property market in the last decade? The average Portsmouth property has risen in value from £165,400 to £240,900 in the last 10 years … meaning each Portsmouth homeowner has seen a profit of £145.19 per week for those last ten years. Rolling the clock back to the start […]

Is the Portsmouth property market bouncing back?

The Halifax announced in early January that there was a bounce in the national property market as they stated national property values soared 1.7% in December 2019 – the biggest rise since the 1.9% month on month rise in February 2007 (a few months before the Global Financial Crisis aka the Credit Crunch). The Halifax […]

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