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Portsmouth Homeowners £1,047,060,300 Windfall Since 2014

In the latest, and most recently published, set of UK mortgage data (for the month of November 2019) 18,470 pound-for-pound re-mortgages were made (i.e. the borrower went from one rate to another with no additional borrowing). However, since the 1970’s, the British have seen their homes as cash cows and cash machines, with many homeowners […]

Portsmouth Landlord’s £32.5m Tax Bill

I am asking Penny Mordaunt and Stephen Morgan the Conservative and Labour (respectively) MP’s for Portsmouth North and Portsmouth South to remind the Chancellor Sajid Javid and Prime Minster Boris Johnson to use their persuasive skills to highlight and take a more holistic approach and attitude to the private rented sector and tackle issues which affect […]

How’s the Market? Portsmouth, September 2019

Welcome to the September edition of How’s the Market? – the Portsmouth based property article centred around issues that affect the local property market, providing a detailed insight into a wide range of topics from changes in the cost of renting, level of detail attached to planning applications through to something as simple as the […]

HOW’S THE MARKET? – August 2019

Welcome to the August edition of ‘How’s the Market?’, the monthly article designed to answer the question I’m most frequently asked. The events of last month have provided a new question and the platform for a blog that many people will want answers to – what effect will the new Prime Minister of the United […]

How’s the Market? July 2019

Another month passed and another article on various aspects of the Portsmouth property market; welcome to the July edition of ‘How’s the Market?’ I’m becoming more and more reliant on the feedback from each of you, particularly those wanting some questions answered on a particular area – the more suggestions, the easier it is to […]

Switching Estate Agents

Marketing a property can be a frustrating venture. Whether you’ve lived in the same house for decades or you move every couple of years, there’s likely to be a point where the whole process of moving feels out of your control, something that we as a species aren’t fond of. Most people rely heavily on […]

The Calendar of Generic Estate Agents’​ Excuses

Being part of a new company, I am forced to work hard for my property listings; completely understandable as we work and live in a reputation-based society and it’s our job to ensure that clients see how we differ from other companies. This means that a large percentage of the properties I market have already […]

Do your clients instruct YOU or your Company?

If you’ve pressed on this article, like myself, you think you’re the best at what you do. You’re the business winner, the ‘lister’, the person responsible for ensuring that you and your company are the obvious choice in your patch. You know your competition’s strengths, weaknesses and costs; you know your market inside out and […]

The Over Valuing Estate Agent

Ask anyone who has ever worked in Estate Agency what the most frustrating elements of the industry are. Aside from the unavoidable – ‘clients not turning up for viewings’, ‘clients who claim to be cash buyers applying for a mortgage’ – outside of these, you won’t be waiting long before their mind begins to focus […]

NEXA vs Standard Estate Agents

You’ve heard it all before. ‘We’re different’, ‘We’re better than our competition’, ‘We offer the best service.’ Invariably, these are nothing more than just sub-standard introduction tag-lines that sound no better than the mediocre service you are likely to receive after instructing them to work on your behalf. This could be within any sector, but […]

Happy Clients Making Me Rich

A very pretentious title. Eradicate the supercilious attitude that you assume will follow, and you realise that this heading is the intention of every new company that starts within any sector focused on customer-service. The most important part of any new business is ensuring that clients are content with the service delivered so that, not […]


Too many times recently properties have been seen being advertised illegally with landlords being put at huge risk of large fines. This begs the question; Is the agent aware of the risk they are exposing their landlord to or are they in the game for quick buck? The illegal properties are not just from the […]

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