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Why NEXA? By Jamie Gray, Director of Nexa Bristol Choosing the right estate agent or property agent is essential in ensuring you achieve your goals. Whether this be selling your first home, putting your house on the market or you are looking to let your property.   With the NEXA Bristol, you will have one […]

How to market and sell new build developments

The importance of the approach taken in a new build development, should never be underestimated. Most developers are reliant on an estate agent to not only value the site and list the properties online but also sell the units. From my experience, some agents completely underestimate their role in this process. The Valuation Process Most […]

Are Student HMO’s a dying breed?

3 years ago, I remember sitting in my office on a Saturday afternoon at 6pm (I was due to finish at 4pm) with clients in my office with parents in tears after being let down on another student property. I managed to locate a vendor selling a 4 bedroom property for HMO purposes and a […]

How’s the Market? Portsmouth, May Edition

Welcome to the May edition of ‘How’s the Market?’ – the monthly article designed to highlight the factors affecting the residential sales and lettings markets in Portsmouth and Southsea, answering the question that clients ask me most frequently. Each article will now include an ‘Expert Guest’ – a specialist giving an insight into their field […]

NEXA Bristol – One Agent: One Solution – The Bristol Market…

My Name is Jake Gready and I am Managing Director of NEXA Bristol. At 44 years of age I have a lifetime of experience in the property market having grown up in a family surrounded by it, it was hard to escape becoming anything else. I love my job and I am always happy to […]


The debate of high street vs online estate agency will continue for some time i’m sure, and the debate will evolve as the high street model moves away from the rigid structure of multiple branches and multiple overheads. But there is one core aspect of high street agency that baffles me; high street agents have […]


Online agency market share has stagnated. They seem to get away with ludicrous valuations based on growth of market share or user numbers, but with no history of profit or even a clear strategy on how a profit could be made. The online agency model is also starting to unravel. At some point in the […]


The most depressing thing an estate agent can say when you turn up to view a property you’re interested in purchasing – “it’s the first time I’m seeing this property too”. Unfortunately, this happens over and over again in this country, and all because we’ve built an agency model where individuals aren’t responsible for property […]


The disruptive impact from the wave of online agents is now coming to a head. The disruption has been clear and in many ways has been a long time coming. The industry as a whole has grown up a lot since the first wave of online estate agents began hitting the market.

The Power of Networking

Just over a year ago Nexa Properties opened its doors to the estate agency world. With a wealth of experience behind the team but in a new surrounding where there is always more to learn. I personally have always been one to feel slightly awkward outside of my comfort zone. However, I would feel well at home sat […]

The time is now for first time buyers

The time is now for first time buyers Throughout the last few years, a lot of changes have affected the investment market and although the smart investors still see their money is better invested in property than elsewhere it has concerned others and we have seen less buyers come to the market because of this. […]

‘How’s the Market?’​ April 2019

Those three words that everyone working in the property industry will hear frequently but struggle to answer with any conviction. This question is as common to an estate agent as ‘been busy mate?’ is to a taxi driver, making it the perfect title to a new article, ‘How’s the Market?’ – a monthly article written […]

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