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At some point in each of our lives most of us are told the story of the tortoise and the hare and for those of you who haven’t heard this story, a tortoise and a hare engage in a race where the hare speeds off using all of his energy, eventually becomes tired and rests against a tree whilst the tortoise steadily plods along, overtakes the hare and wins the race. The moral of the story is if you do things slowly, methodical and steadily you will have more success than if you act quickly and use all of your energy. Is this necessarily true? The word Hybrid is mentioned a lot in my industry meaning something that combines two different elements to become one. So what if you could have the ability to act slowly and steadily when required but also act fast and use maximum energy when required, would that be a receipt for success?

Industry example: Your in the office compiling paperwork for a new tenancy that is proceeding, you have printed off the paperwork required and you are being methodical doing your final checks, ensuring the tenant has everything they need to move in with ease and your landlord is complying to the masses of legislation governing the rental sector. Without notice, the tenant withdraws their offer due to a change in personal circumstances and your left with the realisation that every day that landlords property is empty its costing £30+. Before the end of the day that landlord has received a call stating the situation and that the property is back online, you have gone over previously closed leads and you have viewings forward booked. That conversation would be well received versus the landlord calling in for an update and getting the “I had you on my call list” response.

In our lives we all face times when we need to change our tact on a situation and it is better to be adaptable to a situation than always be the tortoise and not have the ability to act quickly or always be the hare and not have the ability to be methodical when required.

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