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Why sell with NEXA

Why sell with NEXA?

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, let or invest, embarking on a property journey is both an exciting and daunting event. Many factors come into play when taking the next step in your decision, but the most important is your choice of estate agency.

This vital initial decision is the catalyst to creating a positive experience or a negative and complicated one. And it is due to this exact reason why our founders launched NEXA Properties Group with the sole intent of building an agency that was entirely customer-centric, by designing a business model inspired by their international property experience.

So, what makes NEXA different from traditional high street agents selling your property?

Like an estate agent. Only better.

From experience as both residential vendors and property investors, we understand that the typical buying and selling process is far too fragmented. No single individual has responsibility or control over a property listing: the person who values the property is different from the person doing the viewings, and the person doing the viewings is different from the person that progresses the sale. This instantly creates issues as the agent hosting the viewings may have never seen the property before, is unable to answer any questions, and has no responsibility or incentive to follow up with potential buyers. They are sometimes there just to unlock the door.

As a seller with NEXA, you will have a dedicated Client Director who will be responsible for every aspect of your property sale. This expert will know you and your property thoroughly and work with you throughout pre-market activities such as your valuation, market report, preparing the property for marketing, and organising photography and floorplans. This same agent will also personally host every viewing, provide regular feedback, negotiate the best price with the best buyer on your behalf, and have regular follow-ups with 3rd parties such as solicitors and mortgage brokers.

This means that with NEXA, your Client Director will know every detail about your property and is accountable for each step of the sale, which creates a uniquely personable service and attention to detail to ensure a smooth, transparent sale.

As well as all of this, you can be confident in your Client Director’s commitment to communication that is consistent, valuable, and flexible to you. You can contact them via WhatsApp, phone, or email at any time of day, so you never miss an important update.

One agent. One solution.

Have you ever enquired about a property again, only to be handed to a completely different agent who can only read you the notes from the screen? This is not an unusual experience in the industry: when an enquiry comes in it is often passed to whoever is available at that exact moment, regardless of their knowledge of the property or area. This often leads to a viewing that can’t give the answers to the vital questions that could make or break a sale and not follow up with potential buyers… A common practice in today’s market.

As a seller with NEXA, you can be assured that all enquiries and potential buyers will only be directed to your Client Director, so you can be confident that have complete knowledge and oversight on all potential purchasers and will be able to manage all viewings and provide a superior, fully rounded service to the buyer, while also being able to give you immediate and accurate feedback.

Similarly, your Client Director is there to handle any and all property-related requirements; if you have a house to rent, require a mortgage broker, want to submit a planning application, or need help finding a home to buy, they are on hand to support and connect you with the best people in the industry. All your requirements can be channelled through one single point of contact.

Hiring the best and keeping them highly incentivised

As a seller, you may want to know that your Client Director is personally incentivised to sell your property. Typically, in the industry agents that sell property get such a small share of the commission that whether they sell it or not makes no real difference to their earnings.

We are happy to be transparent that our agents will share in the sale commission of your property and therefore possess an invested interest to sell your property at the best price to the most qualified buyer.

Cultivating a genuine culture

From launching, we have been conscious to use a fresh and fun brand, with high performance at our core. We want to truly revolutionise the industry from within by being different at every touchpoint: from the people we employ, the way we market properties, the service we deliver to each client no matter the property value, and through the culture that we cultivate. Our agenda is to change the reputation of estate agents by being a different kind of agency, we will continue to work to diminish the stigma around estate agents and attribute positive connotations to buying and selling property.

Taking home the titles

In 2021, we reached a particularly important moment for NEXA Properties Group as we received four awards from the prestigious ESTAS! These specific awards are industry recognised and are based on a strict verification process of genuine customer review – meaning they are based purely on happy customers and not a pay-to-win trophy.

We were thrilled to win three regional and one national title at the award ceremony which includes:

Best Local Agency Group – Gold (Wilts & Hants)

Best Agency Group – Gold (Southern)

Best Sales Agency Group – Gold (South)

Best Agency Group – Silver (National)

Competing against well-established agencies made these awards all the more important to our young, modern business outlined by our Managing Director Neil Thorpe “It’s been an incredibly tough year for many businesses and at times we have had to operate, like many companies within incredibly difficult circumstances and restrictions. The Stamp Duty reform was a welcome boost for the property market post COVID and for our staff to of continued the exceptional customer journey with increased volume of business shows their work ethic and what we are trying to achieve. To be recognised for this makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

If you’d like to find out more about how we approach estate agents and how we can help you with the sale of your property, get in contact with our friendly team today or try our free online valuation tool and receive your property value estimation instantly.

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