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Why choose NEXA

Why choose NEXA?

At first glance there are many agents to pick from when deciding to buy, sell, let, or rent. So how do you know who is right for you?

In this article, we provide a clear summary of how NEXA is providing a different approach to estate agency…

Like an estate agent. Only much better. 


If we’re brutally honest, we should all be able to agree that selling property in the past 12 months has not been difficult. In fact, it’s been pretty easy. And whilst this has delivered a vibrant marketplace, for NEXA it actually takes away our competitive advantage. Our business model is built on highly skilled industry experts, delivering a first class customer experience and property marketing plan whilst navigating through the typical challenges faced when buying or selling a home. What is most unique about NEXA is our ability to attract high-performance agents through our working culture and incentives. This means that as a client of NEXA, you always have the best-in-class industry people working on your behalf and guiding you through your property journey.

Our business model is built on three core principles:


As a client of NEXA, you are assigned one single dedicated Agent to take you through the entire property journey, whatever that journey looks like for you as a client. This means you only ever really need to speak to one person and you can contact that person pretty much anytime, any day.


This means one person is fully responsible, accountable and in control of everything that happens with your property. All the viewings and negotiations are handled by the one person that will know your property better than anyone else. Increased responsibility ensures as agents we are compelled to deliver the best marketing service possible, utilising our in house marketing strategy, design & digital team providing professional photography, bespoke brochures, passionate property descriptions and heavy digital and social media exposure.


A NEXA Agent receives a large % of the fee paid to NEXA. Potentially more than 10x more than a high street agent would be paid. This means you’ve got someone on your side that is genuinely incentivised to get you the best possible price, and in the quickest time possible. This ensures that your objectives as a client, are fully aligned to the objectives of the Agent.


We are not a cheap fee estate agent, but we can pretty much guarantee the value you’ll get from NEXA will far supersede any short term saving you may make from a cheap fee estate agent


Buying and selling a home is incredibly painful and stressful with a lot of moving parts and a huge amount of people and deal management involved. Agreeing a sale is the easy bit in many ways. The hard bit is navigating through the pain barriers of solicitors, mortgage brokers, banks, councils and other potential parties up and down the chain. You want to ensure you’re being guided by an agent that not only has the required industry experience, but an agent that is properly and financially incentivised to get you the best possible price, and in the most efficient and stress free way possible.


It can take months and months to complete a sale of a property and small missteps can have grave consequences in terms of time – and time is the biggest deal killer of all. You want an Agent that is incentivized to guide your sale through in the most timely manner possible and be completely accountable and responsible so that all the required steps and hurdles are managed through rather than just left.


A cheap fee can have expensive consequences. We witness properties all the time that sit stale on the market or even sell below market value. Saving £3k in fees could lose you £10k in sale price and give you 6 months of pain. Again, the only way to counter this is to be guided by an agent who is personally incentivised to get the best price possible, and better yet, an agent that offers you a tier structure fee.  For example, a structure whereby an Agent gets paid say 1% for achieving a sale price of £300,000 but gets paid 1.5% for achieving a sales price of £315,000 ensures your goals and objectives are fully aligned


– The process is too fragmented. No single person has complete control of the journey, which can be incredibly frustrating and service standards reflect that.

– The person showing your property to buyers is generally the most junior person in the office and doesn’t have the experience levels of a high-performance agent.

– Lack of incentive. A traditional agent would be lucky to get 2% of whatever fee you end up paying. This could be as little as £60 for selling a £300,000 property. This does not motivate high service or high performance

– Because there is no ‘one assigned’ agent, the person showing your property doesn’t know it inside out and therefore often can’t answer questions on the spot at a viewing when it’s most important. Sometimes that viewing agent will never have even seen the property before. And so the service being delivered to buyers is poor, and the likeliness of receiving a good offer is reduced.

– Marketing lacks innovation. Property marketing has moved heavily online, and on social media, yet most traditional agents pay very little attention to the power of social media.

– Office Hours. When you really want to speak to the person who is most responsible for your property it’s often very difficult to get in touch with them and requires you to wait until the office is open. You want to work with an agent that you can text or WhatsApp whenever you have a question or something pops up.

– Viewing flexibility. Some buyers just can’t view during office hours and so you want an agent that is prepared to hold viewings in the evening or on a weekend. And the only agent that will do that is one that is properly financially incentivised to do so.

– Sales progression. Navigating through solicitors and mortgage brokers and sales chains is one of the hardest parts of the job, and for the seller or buyer, it is undoubtedly the most stressful. So you want an agent that is fully dedicated to that property and incentivised to see it through to completion. Otherwise, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable environment chasing multiple groups of people, looking for answers.

If you’d like to discover how NEXA can help you, contact our friendly team today or alternatively try our free online instant valuation tool.

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