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The Power of Networking

Just over a year ago Nexa Properties opened its doors to the estate agency world. With a wealth of experience behind the team but in a new surrounding where there is always more to learn. I personally have always been one to feel slightly awkward outside of my comfort zone. However, I would feel well at home sat inside someone’s home believing I can offer a bespoke service to them, at the same time would feel completely uncomfortable sat in a room of strangers trying to sell myself to them.

I was encouraged to start networking, yes, albeit an unknown quantity to myself, I felt if you never try you never know. A year on, I cannot believe the difference this has not only made to our company but more importantly the help I have received from others and the relationships I have forged. I soon realised I was not attending these events to win business, I was attending to help others if needed and to let people understand that NEXA as a brand and a name could be trusted and even if it was just free advice, I would be more than willing to help.

I can genuinely say one year on, I have not only created some excellent relationships with clients but I also believe I have a more trusted circle that can offer advice and support if ever needed. This in turn is paramount to my customers, ultimately I know more people that can help even if I cannot. I know I have gained clients that work with me and I have also worked on behalf of others, I have even employed staff members from such networking events. As satisfying as it is knowing I can offer help and assistance to others, I still believe the value of learning new things is completely underestimated.

If you have never tried, feel free to contact and I will be able to introduce you to some excellent networking events.

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