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Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose

Two years ago, I made a huge decision to open up NEXA properties. After working in the industry for seven years for a local independent company, I was approached to set up NEXA. This was a very difficult choice to make as my previous employer had always looked after me and were a great company to […]

Switching Estate Agents

Marketing a property can be a frustrating venture. Whether you’ve lived in the same house for decades or you move every couple of years, there’s likely to be a point where the whole process of moving feels out of your control, something that we as a species aren’t fond of. Most people rely heavily on […]

Happy Clients Making Me Rich

A very pretentious title. Eradicate the supercilious attitude that you assume will follow, and you realise that this heading is the intention of every new company that starts within any sector focused on customer-service. The most important part of any new business is ensuring that clients are content with the service delivered so that, not […]


The most depressing thing an estate agent can say when you turn up to view a property you’re interested in purchasing – “it’s the first time I’m seeing this property too”. Unfortunately, this happens over and over again in this country, and all because we’ve built an agency model where individuals aren’t responsible for property […]

The Power of Networking

Just over a year ago Nexa Properties opened its doors to the estate agency world. With a wealth of experience behind the team but in a new surrounding where there is always more to learn. I personally have always been one to feel slightly awkward outside of my comfort zone. However, I would feel well at home sat […]

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