Kingsgate House: 100% Reserved Off Plan in Under 8 Weeks
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Kingsgate House – 100% NOW RESERVED OFF PLAN in under 8 weeks

When I was first approached by Harris Evolution to go through the plans and help with the GDV on this development, I could tell immediately that this was going to be an exciting project that I was incredibly eager to be a part of. This forward thinking developer was planning something really special with this old Victorian boot and shoe factory and something that would enable this prominent building to continue its life well into the next century. Creating something contemporary whilst maintaining the old industrial feeling of this building is not an easy task but Harris Evolution and their architects produced a marvellous vision which only helped make my job far easier.

An initial meeting with the developer and a walk through of the existing building help me to visualise what they were trying to achieve and of course I was there to make complimentary suggestions to the style and finish where they needed it. Analysing the market by looking at the specific market demographics is a skillset I pride myself on and after a few days of comparable research I was able to present a full marketing strategy alongside my initial thoughts on the GDV. A little bit of tweaking here and there with the plans, the number of units and few adjustments to the final layout we came to our final conclusions.

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to work on this project and I knew from the beginning we were going to have a lot of interest. The final plan was 20 units, 1 and 2 bedroom luxury warehouse style apartments with a high specification finish. I initially set myself a target of 10 weeks to reserve all 20 off plan. Some might say that was a tough target in the current market, with the unknown circumstances surrounding us with Covid-19 but I felt this was achievable. Just under 8 weeks later all 20 units are now reserved off plan and the new owners are all incredibly keen to move in come practical completion in January 2021.

Our modern approach to marketing including, sponsored social media posts, online marketing, print media, digital media and personal networking all helped in enabling me to hit my 10 week target 2 weeks early. I intend to deliver a memorable customer experience at every touchpoint and my job now is to help follow up all this hard work with regular follow ups with the solicitors, mortgage brokers and clients to ensure a smooth handover and post completion service.

If you have a project that you feel would benefit from NEXA Bristol’s unique One Agent: One Solution approach then feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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