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Is your bathroom making a splash when selling your home?

There is nothing easy about selling your home, and buyers really wish to be inspired by what they see. By staging your home, you are creating the canvas buyers need to be able to see its potential as their home. Cluttered and tired spaces just won’t make the cut these days; buyers expect more, and if you want to achieve the highest possible price, you need to make sure that every room in your home sells. If you’re selling your home, you need to ask yourself – Is your bathroom making a splash?

When should I stage?

From the minute you decide to sell it is being judged by potential buyers and us as your potential estate agents. How your property is presented will have a part to play in its valuation and, therefore, the need to stage your home before you look to engage an estate agent is essential. There are clear advantages to getting to grips with this task sooner rather than later: it makes it easier to prepare for marketing and also for viewings, Remember, your photographs will be scrutinised, videos dissected and viewings will be rigorous. With more homes coming onto the market, you need to ensure yours is the one that they struggle to forget.


It is very easy for your bathroom to become untidy with all the bottles and supplies our bathrooms need, especially if storage is minimal. It is essential to remove your personal toiletries. There is a wonderful array of storage solutions today, from beautiful baskets to cabinets, to help create a room that is clean and clear.  Once you have your blank canvas, choose only selective pieces to display: these should add a sense of luxury and calm, such as a beautiful fluffy towel, a couple of high-end-looking bottles and maybe even a candle. You want to create a balanced look, one that is not overly styled, yet gives a sense of elegance as well homeliness.

The focal point

There are easy ways to upgrade your bathroom. Always try to ensure that there is a focal point that catches a buyer’s eye. You may have a vanity unit that steals the show, or a freestanding bath that is already the star of your bathroom, but if you feel that it’s looking more ordinary than extraordinary, then maybe you should look at making a couple of changes.

Changing the fittings can easily upgrade a space, from cabinet handles to new taps, adding luxurious finishes can make a huge difference to how a room feels. Also, look at the flooring and tiles – buyers are looking for more of a neutral décor rather than something that overpowers and makes the space feel smaller.

Scrub every inch

Buyers will take no prisoners when it comes to your bathroom: they will expect it to be spotlessly clean. Your grouting should be bright and mould-free, your mirror spotless, your walls crisp, and looking freshly painted. Flaws may be forgiven in other rooms but sadly not in your bathroom. Don’t forget areas like your showerhead and hidden corners, as what you believe they won’t see, they more than likely will.  Being one of the highest-value rooms in your home, it should be presented to the highest standard possible.

Add value

If you decide not to stage your bathroom properly, you could risk devaluing your home by a considerable sum; this is because updating a bathroom is an expensive exercise.  Therefore, if you present a spa-like haven that potential buyers can imagine themselves in,  you are another step closer to selling your home.

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