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Home buying dreams

How to turn your home buying dreams into a reality

House hunting brings out the dreamer in all of us, from searching the internet to flicking through home magazines, your list of needs and ideas for your next home may be never-ending.  It is very easy to see a dream turn into fantasy as the realities of what you purchase seem to know no bounds. In today’s market where buyers, like you, are many and available properties are few, having your head in the clouds can mean that your next home is moving further and further away. As your local estate agent, at NEXA we want to ensure that your home-buying dreams turn into a reality.

Be prepared to compromise

Countless nights hooked on Rightmove have become the norm, and as you are digesting the latest properties to come on to the market … you see it. Staring back at you from the screen is the home you have been dreaming about, and you race to contact the agent to book a viewing. But remember, this so-called perfect home will no doubt have caught the eye of other buyers who will also be queuing to view it as quickly as possible.

When such a property is in demand we are seeing multiple offers, and often buyers are requested to submit their best and final offer, and as such, the best offer (chosen by the seller) will win the prize.  Now this home, this perfect home, suddenly is not looking so great after all, in fact, it is becoming stressful and you may not have the budget to compete.

But often the dream is not the right one, after all, we regularly see buyers who have lost their so-called dream home only to begin a search through different eyes and discover a property that is far better suited.  Have your list, but be willing to compromise and don’t be set in stone.  Having an open mind is the key in this property market.  Be clear where your compromises will be: you may be willing to do cosmetic work but want to avoid a renovation, you may need a space to work from home or be willing to add an extra 10 minutes onto your commute.

We may all have a vision of a dream, but often the reality is so much better.

Don’t wait to get a mortgage in place

Let’s face it, hunting for a house is way more exciting than going into your finances. But buying a home is also about the figures too, and delaying the truth about your financial situation could be the cause of your dream home slipping through your fingers.  At least three months before you start your search you should be getting your monies into shape, checking your credit score, and seeing where you can make some changes to get you in a strong position.

Although there is nothing to stop you from searching for your new home without having a mortgage in principle,  it could put you on the back foot.  To show estate agents and sellers that not only you are serious about buying a house, but that you are in the right financial position to proceed will only aid you when it comes to making an offer.  Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to find your next home, never assume you know what you can afford as situations and regulations can change.

Get your figures right from the start and begin your search for your next home with a mortgage in principle in your hand.

Be prepared for what’s next

You may think that finding your new home will be the trickiest part of the process, but it is the sales progression where things can get rocky.  This is the time when all the legal processes start to transfer ownership over to you, but also everyone else that is in your chain.  It is here where we earn our money, resolving problems swiftly so no one gets itchy feet, chasing paperwork, and generally being the glue that keeps your chain in place until completion.

This is the most stressful time of home buying, and it is worth being prepared for what is about to happen so that you don’t lose heart and walk away.  Ask all parties, your mortgage lender, your conveyance, and your estate agent what paperwork they will need during the process so you can start to get it ready. Make sure you return calls quickly and always ask if you are unsure about something that is happening.

You may have to take some deep breaths during the sales progression, but by being prepared and keeping your eye on that wonderful new home at the end, you can make sure that your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Build a relationship

Most buyers keep us estate agents at a distance; they use the internet to find homes and call or email when they see one that they like. Now, the savvy buyers understand how important it is to build a relationship with their local estate agents because this can prove vital in being one of the first to know about a home coming onto the market that has not been advertised yet.

Come and have a chat with a member of our sales team; let them get to know you and understand what you are looking for. Next time they are valuing a home that could be the right fit, they will automatically have you in mind and will give you a call to get you viewing as quickly as possible. Keep us close and your perfect home could be closer than you think. Call our team today or pop in, we look forward to making your dream a reality.

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