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How to test-drive a new community in Bristol whilst in lockdown

The end of May saw Rightmove announcing their busiest day ever, with incredibly over six million visits in one day. Since the easing back of our industry NEXA Bristol has received numerous enquiries from those looking to move within Bristol. Location has always been an important factor for those looking to buy a new home, but have your priorities changed since lockdown? Neighborhoods you may have thought desirable could now have lost their shine and you might be seeking something different, but how do you test-drive a new community in Bristol whilst in lockdown?

Deciding on a new location can be challenging at the moment, but I think with a bit of online detective work and the right tools to hand you can discover a lot about a neighborhood from the comfort of your sofa, and could even make a few new friends along the way too. Although this may seem a new way of finding a new home, it is often the norm for people who have to relocate – this is why video has become so useful.

Sadly, you won’t be able to pop into the local coffee shop, but you may wish to take a stroll through the area if you feel comfortable to do so safely. But I suggest you let your fingers and technology do the walking, talking, and digging for you.

Go social and local

Most local communities will have their own publication, whether that is a town newspaper or a village newsletter. These will give you an insight into what is happening in the area, as well as local events and activities. Now we know at the moment the news is not going to have a wealth of variety, so see if you can get hold of some old editions that will provide more of a sense of the area and a better feel for the community.

As well as print, you cannot ignore social media, which offers such a wealth of information and advice. Join the village Facebook group, and follow any local Twitter and Instagram accounts. With so much togetherness at the moment, you will be able to easily see those strong communities that are supporting each other and local businesses. Use these platforms to ask any questions you may have; we’re sure the locals will be happy to give their opinions and let you know why they’ve made that particular neighborhood their home.

Walking with Google

Have you ever taken a walk with Google? Did you know that you can wander around any potential new area whilst relaxing with a cuppa? Google Street View is an incredible tool that allows you to virtually walk along a street, you can see where each road leads and where local amenities are situated.

You can access Google Street View via google.com/maps. Simply type in the address of the street or property you’re interested in and, on the left side of the screen the address will appear with an image below; click on the image and you’ll be taken to the street view. From here you should be able to click and drag your way along the street, down the next, and go for a walk as if you were actually there.

The local market

If you have your eyes set on a community but unsure what you can buy, one of the best ways to get a sense of the local property market is to search both homes for sale and those recently sold. You will be able to see typical architecture styles and, should you be seeking a period home or a contemporary abode you will discover where they are located. As well as styles, you will get a sense of prices, so if you’ve decided that a particular neighborhood is for you, you can be realistic about what kind of property you can afford there.

Get on the phone

It is funny, but when looking for a new property many people shy away from making the one call that could make the most difference. As an estate agent I know every community inside and out in my city; knowing the kind of neighborhood you are seeking we will be able to advise you on where to start looking. I can give you detailed advice on the local property market and keep an eye out for a home that could be right for you.

I’m not scary really, so please pick up the phone or drop me a message.

Family life

Local schooling is always an important factor for families choosing a new community, and I know you will want to research which will suit your children best. Of course, look at the Ofsted reports, but to get the real story talk to the parents whose children are attending the school – you should easily find people on local social media sites. Now I know these are certainly not normal times and headteachers are under a lot of pressure at the moment, so you may need to be patient if you’re wanting specific questions answered by the school.

None of us know what school will look like in the months to come, but now more than ever, as our little ones head back, you’ll want to ensure that the school you choose is the right one.

Enjoy your test-drive

I know that test-driving an area is not ideal, but if you’re actively wanting to move home it will give you the best insight into a new neighborhood in Bristol, and will help you feel confident that you’ve made the right decision.

I have a wealth of advice that I know you will find extremely valuable when deciding where to live in this marvelous city I call home, call me personally on 07807 778 350 or email jake@nexabristol.com

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