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Selling your home? Start with sustainable decluttering

When you open that door to your first home, or your next home, you never know how your life will  change during your time there. One thing we know for certain is that inevitable collection of stuff that starts to fill every drawer, cupboard and room in your home.  When you decide to place your […]

The anguish of selling a house that still feels like home

There can be an unrealistic notion that anyone selling their home is desperate to move, the reality is often quite different. Your decision to move could very well be a practical one. You haven’t fallen out of love with your home; on the contrary, you can’t imagine living anywhere else.  But the pandemic, your stage […]

As Unemployment Hits 7% in Portsmouth, What Effect Will This Have on the Portsmouth Property Market in 2021?

12 months ago, the unemployment rate in Portsmouth stood at 2.9% of the working population, yet with Coronavirus hitting the UK, what impact will this rise in unemployment have on the Portsmouth property market? As I have discussed a number of times in my articles on the Portsmouth property market, this summer saw the Portsmouth […]


Do we give too much weight to company brands? Both as agents and as consumers I feel that we get ‘lost’ in the brand. It’s extremely rare to come across a brand that transcends itself and genuinely becomes a living part of the fabric of a company and everyone that works there. Apple and Nike […]

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