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What are the top moving home questions according to Google?

Great advice when moving home.

Stress is something that is a given when you are moving home, so the more information you have the easier and calmer it can be. There are many places you can ask for advice from experts – friends who have moved, estate agents, removal companies, and Google!

145,200 Google searches

When it comes to the top question home movers asked Google in 2021 the answer may surprise you, but there were 145,200 Google searches regarding Council Tax when moving house. Council Tax is an additional expense which can add a lot to your monthly bills, and the amount you pay is based on the area or ‘band’ in which you live and what your local council charges. You can find this information on the gov.uk website by entering your postcode.

But things are about to change?

As estate agents, under current legislation in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, we are legally obliged to not exclude what is classed as ‘material information’ on our property listings. If you have been looking for a new home you will have seen that not all estate agents supply comprehensive details on a property listing, making things a little inconsistent. As part of a series of changes, Trading Standards and the government have jointly announced the first compulsory new data which must appear on property listings from the end of May, and this includes stating the Council Tax band and rate. Now you no longer need to ask Google!

Who should you inform?

One of the most painstaking tasks that you will undertake is to inform everyone and everything of your new address, from banks to insurance, to utilities and internet providers. There were 12,000 searches last year on this subject, and we can understand why; with so many things happening it can be easy to overlook a company or organisation. One of the best tips we can give you at NEXA is to start to make a list well in advance of your move. Go through your monthly bank statements, check your post and add your subscriptions; having a list ready to go before things get hectic will only make your life easier as you are settling into your new abode.

How to pack

One of the surprising questions to make the list, with 7080 searches, was how to pack when moving house. When it comes to packing for your move, you can never start too early, especially if you are looking for a less stressful move. We have asked our team about their advice for packing when moving home, sorry Google!

“There will be items in your home that you will not need before your move. Take a drawer, cupboard or a room at a time and pack away those things you won’t need before your move, get rid of the things you will never use again, and just leave those handy items behind that you are going to need in the coming weeks,” said Jamie Gray, Group Managing Director.

Neil Thorpe, Managing Director suggests packing seasonally, “Summer is on its way, and we are going to start enjoying a milder climate; pack away items that you only use in the winter months, such as clothes, home accessories, and sledges”.

Containing cats

With us being a country of animal lovers, we were not surprised that home movers had questions on how best to look after their pets during this unsettling time. How long to keep a cat indoors after moving house was one of the favourite Google questions by home movers. Just as it takes us time to adjust to a new home and neighbourhood, the same can be said for our pets, including cats as you don’t want them to try to return to their old home which is familiar. The RSPCA advises that after moving you should keep your cat indoors for at least two weeks, to help ensure they are settled in your new house before you let them outside.

Any questions

We know you may have numerous questions when you are looking to move home, starting with how you begin, to what happens after you have got your keys. No matter where in the process you are, when you move with us at NEXA we will make sure that none of your questions go unanswered. You don’t need Google to know which local estate agent you want by your side when you decide to move home, so why not give us a call today.

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