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Choosing The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

Choosing The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

Why now, more than ever, it is essential to choose the right estate agent to sell your home.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the property market recently, one thing you will have noticed is just how busy it is. With lockdown easing, and many wanting and needing a fresh start, people have been looking for a new house to make their home.  Buyers are abundant, but houses for sale are not. This makes it a fantastic time to sell your home, but to make the most of this seller’s market you need to do it right. This is why it’s vital to choose the right agent to sell your home.


Quick off the mark

The optimum time for your home to find a buyer is in the first few weeks of it being marketed. Our Client Directors are currently selling properties within days, thanks to their high-performance culture and demand for homes. Speed is essential but this cannot be at the expense of quality in marketing and service received. Even when we are undertaking a valuation of your home, at NEXA we are already putting plans in place should you decide to choose us to sell your property. From marketing strategy to potential buyers, we don’t want to miss a minute where your home could be in front of the eyes of those who may want to buy it.


Quality image

Your property is of course special to you, but as an estate agent, we are looking for what makes it special to potential buyers. It is our job to present that in the best way possible so that any buyer looking at your property’s marketing won’t be able to resist finding out more. Every piece of marketing we do has to show your home off at its best, which is why we invest in photography, videography, and innovative software.  We want your home to be that needle in a haystack that every buyer wants to find.

Even though there aren’t as many properties as buyers, doesn’t mean we lessen our energies on this front – in fact, in many ways we have increased them. We would rather be inundated with qualified potential buyers who completely fall in love with your home due to the marketing and your presentation, than a handful who may possibly be interested as the marketing hasn’t captured their imagination.


Keeping in touch

As soon as your property hits the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as our own website, we expect to be contacted by a number of interested parties, yet this is not when we begin looking for buyers for your home. There are many buyers who understand the importance of keeping in touch with us as well as registering, just in case that dream home falls into our hands and they can get a first look.

These dedicated buyers are rewarded for their diligence by knowing about a house that meets their criteria before it comes onto the market and being one of the first through the door before it is even seen online. We never ignore our dedicated buyers, because we know that when they find that perfect home, they won’t hesitate in making sure that it becomes theirs.


Never settling

“You have an offer” – these are the words that any seller loves to hear, especially when the offer is a very competitive one.  But putting the offer to you is never all that we do at NEXA because we believe that negotiation matters and is essential to any sale. We recognise that negotiation is an art and a skill that has to be learned, nurtured, and strengthened through continuous training. An offer should always be a starting point from which, through liaising with both parties, you come to an agreement. We always work incredibly hard to ensure that the offer put to you is as close to the asking price as possible – and in the current market, possibly even higher.


Because we care

Selling a property isn’t just about the bricks and mortar, it is about people and the relationships we build with our clients. This is what makes our job so rewarding.  We don’t just value your property, we want to know about you, your life there, and what it is about your home that you believe makes it so special. Understanding your personal situation and motivation for moving also helps us enormously, not only in finding the right buyer but in understanding how we can best support and guide you through all aspects of your move.  It’s about knowing the right questions to ask and listening to the answers – because you’re not the only one who cares about the sale of your home, we do too.


Why now?

In any market, it is essential to have the right estate agent by your side, if you want to achieve the best possible price but also have a smoother selling experience.  This market is hectic and so things can easily be missed and overlooked; when this happens, mistakes can be made, chains can struggle and sales fall apart.  No one wants to have a sale fall through, especially if you’re trying to complete before the stamp duty holiday expires.


Don’t take a chance when selling your home, discover more about selling with NEXA today.


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