Lockdown Addition: Adding Home Value
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The popular lockdown addition that will add value to your home

The lockdown has created many challenges we could not even have imagined even a couple of months ago.  From spending your day in a busy work environment to suddenly having to try and work around a busy home where kids are being home-schooled, your pet wants attention, and trying to have a private Zoom call is virtually impossible.  It is therefore no surprise that many of us are investing in our homes during this unusual time and, according to AA Financial Services, one in twelve of us are putting our money into creating a new home office.


Having the right environment is essential for productivity, whether you’re in an office or at home, and it needs to meet your needs.  If you’re lucky enough to have the space, you may have picked the ideal location, a quiet corner or even a separate room.  Sharing a space with others could become impractical over time, which is why somewhere private, such as a garden office, will ensure that your focus is where it should be.

Go outdoors

Should you be lacking in space to create a home office indoors, why not consider an office away from your home, in the form of a garden room or outbuilding?  The lure of having a garden office has increased in recent years, with many contemporary and distinctive designs not only providing us with a stunning place to work but also increasing the value of your property.

When you have an office that keeps your home and work life separate, it has a positive effect on your wellbeing.  To begin with, you get to leave your main abode, and even if your commute is only a few steps it can help to get you in the right mindset for your working day to begin.  It also means that you can leave your work behind and ensure that once you’re back inside your home you are spending quality time with family, rather than being distracted by what’s on your desk.

Add value

Your little office in your garden provides additional space, increasing what your home has to offer potential buyers.  This kind of hidden gem for buyers to fall in love with can add value to your property.  You may be using it as an office, but an additional room in your garden offers many possibilities for buyers; they may see a playroom, a yoga studio, a craft room, an artist’s retreat or a gaming haven.

There is no doubt that this time in lockdown is making us reflect on our lives, and from conversations we’ve had in the community we know that some are looking to make more permanent changes.  Should those changes involve a move, increasing the value of your property before place it on the market is a wise move.

Aside from the financial benefits of creating a garden office, it can also aid your wellbeing.  It can be stressful working from home, especially at the moment, and getting into the right frame of mind equally difficult.   Who knows how businesses will be transformed when this is all over – maybe the number of people working from home could increase as companies realise that remote working doesn’t impact on their business?  With this in mind, a dedicated home office could be a priority on the wish list for future buyers.

Added value

The advantage of creating your own home office is that you can design it however you want; you can choose your own chair rather than adopting the one that was provided with your desk.  But the best thing about having an office in your garden is your proximity to nature – it’s been reported by the Forestry Commission that “Attention is engaged by nature without the need for any effort.”  In other words, looking out at your garden from your desk can help you rejuvenate and focus on tasks.

The season to get busy

We have been blessed with some lovely days recently in Bristol and, as the weeks pass, we hope to see our gardens bloom in more of the fine weather.  What better time to get to work on your garden, so you can enjoy your hard work whilst the sun is still shining?  Hopefully we will start to see some restrictions lifted soon and when we do, you may wish to see what a move or renovations to your property could mean for you and your family.  Whatever your questions, NEXA Bristol are here to help so give me a call personally on 07807 778 350 0r email jake@nexabristol.com


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