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How’s the Market? July 2019

Another month passed and another article on various aspects of the Portsmouth property market; welcome to the July edition of ‘How’s the Market?’ I’m becoming more and more reliant on the feedback from each of you, particularly those wanting some questions answered on a particular area – the more suggestions, the easier it is to […]

A guide for First Time Buyers

The decision has been made to buy your first home. A wide blend of emotions, of which nerves and excitement are likely the most prominent. In most cases, this is the largest financial commitment that you’ll make – borrowing huge sums of money and signing contracts to confirm that you’re happy to pay the debt […]

Happy Clients Making Me Rich

A very pretentious title. Eradicate the supercilious attitude that you assume will follow, and you realise that this heading is the intention of every new company that starts within any sector focused on customer-service. The most important part of any new business is ensuring that clients are content with the service delivered so that, not […]

Budget 2018: How will it affect the sales and rental market?

Earlier this week Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the budget, the final before the UK will leave the EU. How will it affect buying/selling and renting going forward over the next 12 months? All first time buyers who are buying shared equity homes up to £500,000 are now exempt from stamp duty. This is a large […]


THE IMPACT OF THE TENANT FEE BAN We learnt a few things from the tenant fee ban announcement but there is still a lot of ambiguity that will not become clear until after the end of March. So the date has been set as the 1st of June.  This means that all contracts SIGNED AFTER […]


Online agency market share has stagnated. They seem to get away with ludicrous valuations based on growth of market share or user numbers, but with no history of profit or even a clear strategy on how a profit could be made. The online agency model is also starting to unravel. At some point in the […]

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