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Welcome to the November market report, where we cover the following topics.

  • Bristol Property Values 1.5% Lower Year-on-Year

It seems that quite a few Bristol homeowners and Bristol landlords have become acclimatised to living with the uncertainty of Brexit throughout most of 2019, as figures show many of them decided to get on with living life, started reinvesting their money into Bristol property and buying and selling their Bristol homes and BTL investments. Land Registry stats confirm that.

  • Bristol Buy To Let – Past, Present And Future

Investing in a Bristol buy to let property has become a very different sport over the last few years.
In the glory days of the five years after the turn of the Millennium, where we had double-digit house price growth, mortgage companies (notably Northern Rock, HBOS and their ilk) desperate to get on the buy to let mortgage bandwagon with rates so low it would make the belly of a snake seem high and an open mildness to give loans away with not so much more than a note from your Mum and with hardly any regulatory intervention.

  • Is This the End of No-Fault Section 21 Evictions for the 111,292 Bristol Tenants?

In the late spring, the Government announced that they were planning to end nofault evictions for tenants living in private rented accommodation. If you are reading this and you know someone who is a Bristol buy to let landlord, do them a favour and share this article with them – it could save them a lot of worry, heartache, money and time. I have had a number of Bristol landlords contact me anxious that removing a tenant from their Bristol buy-to-let property in the future had possibly become a lot more problematic

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