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Is your home not selling as quickly as you’d hoped?

Despite hopes your home would sell quickly, is it a few months down the line and your home is still languishing on the market? Let’s take a look at the common reasons a house is not selling – and how to fix them to get that all important sale.

The most common reasons why your home isn’t selling and suggestions to overcome them:

Photo’s aren’t doing it justice

Most buyers will start their property search online so the first glimpse they’ll get of your home will be via photos. Given the wealth of choice offered by most property platforms, it is easy for people to pass over pictures which look unattractive or don’t have the ‘wow’ factor. Some estate agents use professional photographers, while others use a wide angle lense. Ensure your agent goes “Above and Beyond” by staging your home and getting the most out of the photos, to attract as many buyers as possible. If you’re photos don’t come up to scratch you shouldn’t accept them. You are after all paying the agent to provide these as part of their marketing services. Ask to approve any pictures before they are posted online.

Your home lacks curb appeal

First impressions are so important so make sure that the garden is tidy, wheelie-bins are in a side passage if possible, or somewhere where they are not obvious, and make the effort to clean doors and windows.

The property feels cluttered

Your house may not be selling because buyers are having difficulty seeing themselves living in your home. Removing unnecessary clutter can make it look bigger and help a buyer imagine their own things in the space. Ensure your home is decluttered as much as possible, ensure nice clear sides, tidy away children’s toys, clear the garden and put in an air fresher to waken the senses of potential buyers as they walk through your home.

It’s not priced right

Getting the price of a property right can make all the difference to the prospects of a sale. Some agents may price your house low for a quick sale so they can earn their commission quickly and others may over value to win the business. Ensuring your home is correctly priced is paramount so it has the correct position on the market and attract as many buyers as possible. It’s important to find the right agent!

The estate agent isn’t doing a good job

Many homeowners end up feeling that their estate agent is not doing enough to sell their home. If you believe that to be the case, then make sure you have told your agent that. Ask what else they could be doing to market your property. It’s important to have regular conversations. They should be in touch with feedback on viewings and progress. If not, get on to them. It’s important that they re-assure you that they are doing all they can to actively market your property.

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