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How the sun can help sell your home

With warmer temperatures being enjoyed across the country at the moment, we have certainly been loving how the sun seems to put a smile on everyone’s face. Lets face it we need it right now too.  Even with the typical British complaints of it being ‘too hot’ everyone seems to have been making most of the outdoors, whether by enjoying a BBQ with family or taking a stroll through the countryside.  Just as the sun brightens our spirits, it can also help sell your home.

Summer feel

When selling your home in the summer, how you present your outside space is more important than ever.  Buyers will be wanting to imagine how they can spend weekends in the garden but, if neglected, there are some things even the sunshine can’t change.  Therefore, keep your garden thoroughly pruned and watered.  As hard as it can be to keep your lawn looking lusciously green, it’s important to try, as a patchy garden doesn’t give the best of impressions.

Summer dreams

Colour is so attractive in a garden, so ensure you have flowers in bloom or plant some quickly to bring your garden to life.  It’s not only your flora that need to be looking their best, so does your fencing and gates – give them a spruce of stain and/or paint to make them look like new.  Check over your garden furniture too, can a good clean restore their beauty?

Summer appeal

Doing the bare essentials to bring your garden back to a decent state is only the beginning. You want your buyers dreaming of wasting many hours relaxing outside, or watching the sun come down with a glass; help their imagination along with some key accessories.  Think about creating little zones in your garden and dressing them accordingly: a place to dine, a place to relax, a place for the kids.  You don’t have to have a big garden to create the illusion of space by using zones.

Summer viewings

Staging your garden for a viewing is so much fun and can also encourage your buyer to stay longer.  The longer they stay, the more they will start to see themselves living there, making an offer more likely.  Think about adding some pretty outside lighting to create a warmer atmosphere for twilight or evening viewings.

Now you have created zones in your garden, think how you can entice buyers by adding accessories. On a lounger add a small throw and a book, your table an ice bucket with a bottle and a couple of glasses.  These small touches can completely transform your garden into one your buyers many never want to leave.

Summer views

As you move inside your home, ensure your garden view is highlighted as much as possible.  It can often get dusty in warmer climes, which can play havoc with your windows, therefore check your window cleaner is coming regularly and give them a quick wipe down before each viewing.

Don’t hide your views or light pouring into your home, ensure all your curtains are fully open and tied back, and blinds are pulled up to the top.  Darker window furnishings can absorb a lot of light, so if possible add a lighter shade.

Summer senses

Our senses can create a real emotional pull.  You don’t want overpowering artificial scents, use summer inspired scents, such as zesty fruits – placing a vase or bowl in your kitchen filled with lemons and limes gives a fresh feel.  Fresh-cut roses or seasonal flowers in rooms will add a soft aroma and bring the outside in.

Get your windows open and allow the air to circulate around your home, there’s nothing appealing about walking into a house that’s hot and stuffy.  And let’s not forget about taste.  Why not tempt your buyers with a delicious treat for their viewing, maybe a welcome drink, a bowl of strawberries, or something freshly baked?  Who would forget a viewing of a property where their whole experience was considered.

Summer memories

Make viewing your home one of the summer memories they won’t forget.  Entice their imagination, fuel their dreams, create an appealing home, encourage them to stay, make the most of your views, and pull on their senses.  For more advice on selling your home feel free to contact me directly on 07807778350 or email We work right across Bristol including areas like Portishead, Downend, Filton, and Mangotsfield.

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