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Expert tips to help sell your home this summer

School holidays are officially here, which means it is summer – although our weather doesn’t often play along. When you’re selling your home, you need to bring the essence of the season into the presentation of your property. Summer is a time of fun and happiness, a time of parties in the garden with friends […]

Is the heatwave of the property market starting to cool?

Things have been hot, hot, hot this year. After the UK seeing record temperatures, trying to keep cool has been a challenge. And then there has been the property market that has again seen the price of property coming to market this month hitting a sixth consecutive record, up 0.4% in the month according to […]

Windsor Gardens: Luxury living in Penarth

An elegant Victorian seaside town situated in the Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth is a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and play with a population of just over 22,000. It’s beautiful surroundings and ideal location made it the perfect choice to build Windsor Gardens: a suite of consciously-designed apartments. Entered at street level from […]

Important Rule Changes for First Time Buyers

Today, according to the Nationwide Building Society the average first-time buyer only needs to pay out 37.6% of their household take-home pay on their mortgage payments, compared to 65.9% in 1989 (i.e., just over two fifths less). You might say 1989 was 33 years ago, a long time ago and not relevant to today. We […]

Off-market – do you know about the secret way of selling your home?

It has been a method of selling a home that has been around for a long time, yet it is not widely spoken of and has been kind of a secret, but there has been a rise on off-market sales in recent years. The widely known way of selling your home has been to instruct […]

70% of Properties Were Bought With a Mortgage in the Last Ten Years

Could the high levels of mortgages that people take out cause another property crash? Many homeowners and landlords have been contacting us recently and asking what will happen to the property market? More specifically, will we have a repeat of the 2008/9 Credit Crunch property crash? High mortgage payments were one of the critical catalysts […]

Is the Portsmouth property market returning to equilibrium?

28.9% of Portsmouth property sellers reduce their asking prices as the property market equilibrium starts to return… 173 of the 599 properties on the market in the Portsmouth area have had a price reduction in the last 3 months. The average reduction has been 6.2% of the original asking price. This is great news for […]

5 signs it’s time to sell your home

On average, we stay in our homes for around 12 years yet Covid saw a surge in people wishing to make that change sooner, although this is slowing a little today. The decision to sell your home can be for a variety of reasons: it could be something that you have been considering for some […]

The Shifting Property Market

The property market is on the verge of a ‘tipping point’.  The rate of house price growth has started to ease with a reduction in the number of properties that will sell in the coming 12 to 18 months.  Yet, rising interest rates, and the cost-of-living issues won’t knock everybody out of the property market […]

How home ownership affects you and your future

June has already brought us a flurry of celebrations, especially if you have joined in with all the jubilee festivities. June is also the start of many lovely things, such as warmer weather, longer days, summer holidays and also National Homeownership Month in the US. Although we may not share this monthly celebration in the […]

The 6 Reasons Portsmouth Rental Properties Could Inflation Proof Your Savings

Inflation (and recessions) can be nerve racking for people and their hard-earned savings and wealth. Yet there are six reasons which make investing in private rental properties a potentially wise investment in these changeable times. This article looks at how investing in Portsmouth property could help you ‘hedge’ against inflation and protect your savings and […]

Will the cost of living crisis affect house prices?

There is a wealth of uncertainty at the moment, and one of the major worries for households up and down the country is the impact of the cost of living crisis. Everyday essentials have risen astronomically, everything from fuel to food and energy, and therefore you may have heard a variety of different opinions on […]

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