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Essential advice for first-time sellers

Do you remember the excitement you felt when buying your first home? The moment it caught your eye, the viewing when you fell in love, and the joy as your offer was accepted…  Your first home, we are sure has brought you much happiness over the years, but have life changes got you thinking?  Maybe […]

Portsmouth Property Market Improved by 13.4% Over Pre-Pandemic Levels

Has there ever been a better time for Portsmouth home sellers? Portsmouth house prices are anticipated to rise throughout 2021 after the Stamp Duty cut (and subsequent extension until the summer/autumn) and the newly revealed 95% mortgages for Portsmouth first-time buyers (and Portsmouth homeowners with minimal equity). In addition, the continued low-interest rates and the […]

Bristol Property Market Improved By 12.2% Over Pre-Pandemic Levels

Has there ever been a better time for Bristol home sellers? The Bristol property market, for people looking to sell, is at its sturdiest for at least the last five years with home buyers jumping on to the Bristol property ladder with abandon. Bristol house prices are anticipated to rise throughout 2021 after the stamp […]

How to spot, and little ways to help stop loneliness in Bristol this Christmas

Christmas will be a strange one this year, not just for us in Bristol but the whole of the UK. Are you one of the lucky ones, scrabbling to work out which family members will be in your bubble?  But as you tuck into your turkey, pop a few crackers, and enjoy a tipple and […]

Cardiff Landlords and Second Homeowners And The New Capital Gains Tax

The government borrowed £394bn this financial year (April ‘20 to April ‘21). This figure does not include the cost of November lockdowns and support measures, which means the final bill will probably be over half a trillion pounds, these billions will ultimately need to be paid back to cover the cost of Coronavirus. The Office […]

Portsmouth Millennials Moving Back in with Mum & Dad?

Roll the clock back 20 years and any self-respecting late 20/early 30 something would never say on their first date that they lived with their mum and dad. It was seen as a sign of immaturity being tied to your mother’s apron strings as a failure to leave the family home. Yet over these last […]

How to sell your home faster in Bristol

Not even a pandemic can put people off moving home in Bristol and we have certainly seen an increase in buyers over the last couple of months.  One thing that’s for sure is that the buyers we’re seeing at NEXA are serious – they have done their homework and they have a clear idea about […]

Is This a Good Time to Buy Your First Home in Bristol?

Should you wait to buy your first home in Bristol or buy now? What sort of mortgages are available? What sort of deposit is required? These are questions all Bristol buyers are asking at the moment, yet this week I would like to focus on Bristol first time buyers and what it means directly and […]

How to stay alert and stay safe whilst moving home during the Coronavirus

The last couple of months has seen many industries having to adapt to how they run their businesses.  At NEXA we have put various procedures in place in line with government guidelines to protect you and our team.  Over the last week there has been a slight easing of the lockdown and on Tuesday night […]

The Lockdown Landlords of Bristol

Despite Government regulations that have been in place since the 26 March 2020, when in-person viewings were made illegal, Bristol buy to let landlords have during that time been chomping at the bit to build their property empire by looking at buying additional properties for their Bristol buy to let portfolio. There are plenty of investors […]

How kerb appeal could aid a post-lockdown sale in Bristol

How kerb appeal could aid a post-lockdown sale in Bristol The restrictions are starting to lift and although it will take a long time before things resemble what they were, there are trickling signs of life returning.  Not everyone has had the desire to continue with their plans to move, and others’ decision to find […]

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